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Griffin Loop on Engaging the World in the Act of Freeing Yourself

Griffin Loop is an LA based artist whose work is a balance of site specific sculpture, design, furniture, environment and space build out. He utilizes a broad range of materials and methods, and structural and heavy machinery skills which allow him to conceptualize and execute large scale projects. Griffin’s creations are impactful and have an immediate effect on the viewer. Griffin embodies the spirit of BOONJI and carries the torch for other creatives to follow.

Could you tell us about how you came to love sculptures and how they became your medium?

I think it was a natural progression of applying skill sets I learned young - welding, manipulating large heavy objects - into my creative expression. I love the process of large scale. The steps, all of them - design to install. The unknown. A lot of growth on every project.

Your plane sculpture - ‘Launch Intention’ - is truly awe-inspiring! Tell me about the process involved in making this great piece.

Launch Intention, based around the symbol of a paper airplane, was my first large scale art piece. It came to life by following an intuitive thought, just going for it, jumping through the hoops, facing fears and figuring out how to do it. Before I knew it, a 50 foot metal paper airplane stood before me. The message came through this process - it stands for freeing yourself. Setting intention and launching into action and the world. Shortly after, I engaged a local school around the sculpture and shared its meaning. After we all set intention, shared and launched I, knew this was meant for the world. I am gearing up to place it on a global platform to engage the world in this act….

Does it ever happen that you don’t have fun making the sculpture but love the outcome and the other way round - love the process but not the result?

Yes of course, both. Creating is such a dance, brings out all emotion for sure. In the end though, it is all growth, all good.

You recently did your first watercolor which has a female figure in it. Are you exploring love/romance through this figure?

Honestly this piece was just that, my first watercolor. There was no objective other than learning/experimenting… The finished piece does convey a lot of feeling though for sure…. I guess it is an example where when I create I am just doing that - creating, allowing whatever needs to flow through to do so, not trying to define or recognize what that is until after.

Where do you find inspiration?

Absolutely everywhere. Life is inspiring in any every form of expression - passion, things bigger than us (humans), nature.

What is your idea of happiness?

When I am present I am happy. Growth. Love. Action.

If you could change one thing about being an artist what would it be?

I think being an artist is freedom and choice, so nothing.

What would you like to say to your 16 old self?

GO FOR IT! Do not care what others think. Face all fear. Fail. Succeed. Learn. Grow. JUST DO and DON’T STOP.

How would you define your work and how do you see it evolving in the future?

Letting what is supposed to flow through me to do so. Not getting in the way. Being an example of embracing and pursuing true self and allowing/helping others do the same.

What are you currently working on?

Giving Launch Intention to the world and all its different avenues of expression and engagement . Getting a new space to work, show and gather in. Getting my work out there. Figuring out how to do it all :)

Griffin recently introduced Launch Intention apparel, to remind us to Launch Our Dreams Into Action, which you can check out by clicking HERE.

Also, follow Griffin on Instagram.

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