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Alvaro Vaquero Talks About his Creative Process and Sources of Inspiration

Alvaro Vaquero is a contemporary artist from Argentina who spends his time between San Isidro and Buenos Aires. He’s had a flair for creativity since childhood and, as an adult, chose to pursue a creative path in life. Alvaro’s style can be described as a mix of urban and pop art - his artworks showcase a perfect balance between composition, colors and contrasts. Alvaro has a background in graphic design and this influence is evident in his aesthetically pleasing work - every piece is full of details and nuances and is executed with a high degree of precision. Consequently, his paintings really impress with visuals and command one’s attention. Alvaro’s beautiful work is housed in many private collections around the world.

Can you tell us about your childhood. Does your love for creativity and painting go back to your early years of life or did it come later?

I've been painting since I was a child, I always liked painting and doing stuff with my hands. I was a shy and quiet guy, and drawing was my way of expressing myself.

When did you realise you want to pursue a creative path in life?

It happened when I was 27, I worked in advertising and graphic design studios, and I got bored of being told what to do. Painting was the best escape to do what I felt like, without any kind of order or obstacles.

Were there any major obstacles on your path to becoming an artist and if yes, how did you overcome them?

There's always obstacles to overcome, I come from a family with lots of siblings and I'm the only one that is an artist, I had a very Catholic education where no attention was given to art. I always felt the black sheep!

Can you tell us about your creative process - from deciding on a theme and what or who to feature in your artworks, to the actual process of painting in your studio.

I always start in a messy way, with no specific starting point. Maybe I saw a picture on the internet or something and from there I start drawing, composing, or sometimes an image from a clip or film is the trigger. I take a screenshot and try random stuff, free of firm associations. I let my imagination play and take me wherever it wants to go.

What are your main sources of inspiration?

A bit of everything! Most of all I like watching other artist's work and what I like from them I take as a reference. Then I mix it up with my own things and ideas that were hanging around in my head, techniques, etc.

How did you find your voice and style as an artist, and are they continuing to evolve?

I think it's a long way until one develops a style, but I try not to stick to one style, because I get bored, I try to do new stuff and challenge myself.

What kind of feelings do you want to evoke in the viewer perceiving your art?

More than feelings, I like to show that the work has impact for its colours, composition and contrasts, if then it has some message or background, it is welcomed. I'm more into producing something visual and that has aesthetic harmony and visual balance.

What challenges to do you face as an artist living and working in Argentina?

The number 1 challenge is to make a living off art, with the lifestyle that one desires. Anyways, art has been growing in Argentina, nowadays there are a lot of brands working together with artists and muralists to create contents and actions for the public.

Boonji stands for ‘positive energy derived from creativity’. Are you part of a community of creative people in San Isidro or Buenos Aires and do you try to support each other?

I'm not a part of any community.

What would you like to say to your 16 old self?

Good question, ha ha ha... To be less afraid and do whatever I feel like!!!

What is your idea of happiness?

Happiness for me is the good moments you live and those moments are different for each person. For example, painting is a moment that occupies a time and space, and since it brings me a lot off happiness, I try to repeat that moment as many times as I can, the same as eating, partying, skating, etc.

What are you currently working on and what do you have planned for next year?

I still don't have any objectives for next year, I'm not a planning guy! I would like to exhibit my works outside my country!!!

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